Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas - 2014.

Hello all!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season / Christmas! I'm currently in London right now so I don't think I'll have a new post for a while but I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely new year! 2013 has been a crazy trip and I hope 2014 will be even better!

Love, Jenae.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pink Girls.

Hello my darling readers!

Last month, I did a trunk show with Alyssa at FashionElles Boutique in San Francisco. Super cute boutique; pretty much fell in love with the clothes and the staff. It was fun to meet customers as well!

This is the Mod Mini Dress from Alyssa and I am super in love with it. I'm also excited to be taking it with me to London as well. I mean, how cute would be be to wear a mod dress inspired by the 60s in the heart where it originated? Like a dream. 

So we'll be having another holiday pop-up shop at FashionElles this Saturday! Looking forward to some more fun. Come out and see us!

Love, Jenae.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome Home.

Hello my dear readers!

It's been too long. Just when I think I'm back, life throws me another curve ball which through me off my blog for another two months. I've been undergoing a lot of changes; career, life, love, all of it. What I can say is that it's all heading in a good direction. 

So, I'll tell you whats going on right now. I am currently a sales associate at Fossil. The hiring process was really long but I'm glad I trusted my instinct and waited on this job. I have never been so happy working at a job before. This company is so encouraging and giving. I'm always happy to go to work, learn, and grow. All while looking fabulous, and my team makes it fun.

I'm also working with local San Francisco designer, Alyssa Nicole, as her assistant. I've posted about her before and will post more this week. Alyssa is fun, quirky and is always thinking with an innovative mind. Plus her designs are always on point if I do say so myself!

Lastly, in two weeks; I'll be in London on holiday! Insanity right?! I've never been overseas! London has always been a dream of mine. I'm going with my two friends Alex J and Brandon. We'll be exploring London with Alex as our guide, doing the Harry Potter Tour, Doctor Who Experience Tour, spending New Years in London, then hoping on the Chunnel to Paris for a few days for more shenanigans.  

2014 will be a crazy year. I'm seeing a lot of traveling, craziness, and crying over school probably so we'll see. I'm excited.

So my dear readers, I will do my best to keep up again. I'll be posting a bit more on my past few trips from the last few months. I hope you are all doing well and that you're enjoying this holiday season so far.

Love always, Jenae.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I'd sail the seven seas.

Ahoy my fellow readers!

I wanted to share with you my outfit that I wore for the first day of the cruise. I love everything nautical and wanted to be a little literal as I boarded the ship. 

H&M top, vintage shorts, and Restricted shoes. 
Accessories: Juicy Couture necklace, Michael Kors watch, Jewel Mint heart bracelette, and random rings.

So we boarded the Princess Cruise ship to have a lovely adventure. Also, it was quite windy on the ship.

I really loved this outfit and I hope you liked the humor. Anyway, I hope you're having a great day!

Love, Jenae.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alyssa Nicole: San Francisco Fashion Week 2013.

Happy October my dear readers!

As some of you may know I have been working with the lovely Alyssa Casares of Alyssa Nicole, and this past Sunday was our big event; Avant Garde / Couture night for San Francisco Fashion Week. It was a litt;e crazy getting everything ready for the show but it went well and the models ruled.

Serious Business! Getting all the looks sorted out.

Alyssa and I with all the models. It was nice to see tons of beautiful girls in all Alyssa Nicole. 

Parker and I after the show. How dapper is he?

The dress from Alyssa Nicole from her Spring 2013 line. 
I'm happy to finally have a beautiful pink dress!

There sure will be more to come from the show! I'll be working more with Alyssa this week. 

Check out her store at 
Make sure to like her Facebook page to keep up with what she is up to. 
Also, Alyssa's twitter is @alyssa_bird
Her Instagram is @alyssabird as well. 

Have a good week darlings!

Love, Jenae. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


Hi dear readers!

It's finally Friday and I thought I'd share with you pictures and instagram photos that I took from the beautiful Chihuly Glass Museum. If you are ever in Seattle, I highly recommend this. All the colors, glass, and work put into this place is truly amazing. The pictures speak for themselves but it's even more amazing in person.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! I have a busy weekend coming up and I'm scared but excited! Have a good weekend.

Love, Jenae.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SF to Seattle.

Hello readers!

In July, I went on a cruise with my family around Alaska that ported out of Seattle. So the day before, my family explored Seattle. The weather was much like San Francisco so I dressed for it. Here is my outfit from the Chihuly museum.

Hope you'r all having a good week so far! I'll be posting pictures form Chihuly soon! 

Love, Jenae.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Alyssa Nicole Fall 2013.

Hello lovely readers! 

As discussed in my last post, I am going to share with you my favorite outfits and pictures from a fabulous local San Francisco designer whom I've been working with, Alyssa Casares of Alyssa Nicole. I wrote before in a previous post that 
"Alyssa Nicole's current collection embodies a glamorous country girl who has custom gold cowboy boots and sophisticated taste. You'll be happy to see the a few silhouettes inspired by different decades in warm colors and patterns. It's just what you need on the gloomy, grey, winter days. "

That's what I truly love about this collection because I love color, and just because it's winter doesn't mean your clothes should become all dark and dreary. I love the richness of the jewel tones in these pieces and the happiness of the paisley prints. Also to mention, the jewelry she made for this collection matches perfectly for the collection, and I know you can also work these pieces of jewelry with your own outfits as well.

One of my favorite pieces from this collection I must say is the Wool Camel Cape as pictured above. It's very soft and when I tried it on I could definitely feel the warmth from the wool. It's a darling piece and a great piece for this upcoming season. Also, the beaded buttons make it extra special.

I also wouldn't mind owning any of these dresses. I love them all but I have to say that the Bell Sleeve A-line dress is just darling. The Red Peplum dress is really quite sweet too and would be a great go to dress, and the Polkadot Tent dress would be a great every day dress to wear to work.

Shop this collection at and make sure to like her Facebook page to keep up with what she is up to. Also, Alyssa's twitter is @alyssa_bird and her Instagram is @alyssabird as well. 

Also, as I said in my last post, Alyssa will be taking part in Avant Garde & Couture Night on September 29th at 6:30pm  to 9:00pm at Nissan Infiniti in San Francisco. More information will be here and tickets seem to be going fast. Hope to see you there!
Have a marvelous weekend! 
  Love, Jenae.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello lovely readers!

San Francisco Fashion Week is upon us starting this upcoming Monday and I am excited to say that I will have a part in it this year! I will be accompanying Alyssa Casares of Alyssa Nicole. Alyssa is a darling San Francisco designer that I have been working with for awhile. 

I have talked about her before and I will have a post on Sunday about her newest Fall collection but if you want to take a look at it for yourself her website is here, and make sure to like her Facebook page to keep up with what she is up to.

Getting back to San Francisco Fashion Week, Alyssa will be taking part in Avant Garde & Couture Night on September 29th at 6:30pm  to 9:00pm at Nissan Infiniti in San Francisco. More information will be here and tickets seem to be going fast. Hope to see you there!

Love, Jenae.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Seattle.

Hello lovely readers!

After our 14 hour ride through trees and more trees of NorCal and Oregon, as I talked about in my post on Wednesday, we finally arrived in Washington to port from Seattle. Before we sailed off on our cruise to Alaska, my mom had decided that it would be cool to venture around Seattle for the day. I was so excited to be playing "Hello Seattle" by Owl City as we drove in the to the city. It was literally a dream come true. For years I had dreamed of visiting that overcast coast while wearing a coat and having a Starbucks in my hand from the original Pike's Place.

Seattle is truly beautiful; much like San Francisco but much more cleaner. I wish I had more time in this place but we definitely hit the main places like Pike's Place, around the Space Needle, and Chihuly. I loved the bustle of Pike's Place; similar to the Ferry Building in San Francisco but it feels more down to earth. My mom and I were in awe of the rows and rows of beautiful bouquets that we wish we could take home. I also have a whole post dedicated to the beautiful glass work of Chihuly so don't worry.

This is a beautiful glass ring I picked up in Pike's Place. I just love the colors and the way it sparkles. I think it's a good addition to my everyday jewelry.

Well the new week is upon us! Can you believe we are already half way through September? 

Have a good week readers!

Love, Jenae.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scenic Route.

Hi lovely readers,

In mid-July, my mom, my sister, and I (with Parker soon to follow), were off on the road heading for a long awaited and much needed vacation. We were going to board a cruise that took us around Alaska and Canada that ported from Seattle. We decided to drive up so we could spend more time in places we haven't been before such as Oregon and Seattle. The 14 hour boring, yet sometimes pretty drive seemed impossible so we stopped in Eugene, Oregon.

 I didn't get a good impression of Oregon and I rather not talk about it, but I knew the one thing I wanted to do and that was getting my hands on Voodoo Doughnuts. The shop itself and employee was different and really cool. All the doughnuts we had were great but I have to say my personal favorite was the Mexican Hot Chocolate. The bitter-sweetness of the chocolate and the spicy cinnamon and cayenne pepper was a glory in my eyes.

So this starts off my Alaska adventure posts. I'll try to spread them out so it's not too overwhelming. 

Have a great rest of your week!

Love, Jenae.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

SoCal Vibes.

Hello again dear readers,

I wanted to share a very uplifting experience a few months ago. Back in April, I was planning a Disney trip with my friends and I was going to come back from that trip with two days off. I really wanted to take advantage of those two days I had. I knew that I really wanted to see and visit my amazingly beautiful and chic friend from fashion school, Danielle, and my high school bestie Raphael. So I set up plans with them and booked a one way ticket back to SFO from LAX. It was really nice to visit with Danielle, someone who completely understood my fashionista brain while she took me to the coolest places to eat and shop at in LA. I had never truly explored LA so this was a whole new scene for me. We went to Lemonade (a place I'm completely in love with and am dying to go to again. You should too if you can.), The Grove, Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, 3rd Street Promenade, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and Magnolia's. At one point, I met up with Raphael and we went to Japan Town in Downtown LA where I went crazy at the American Apparel Factory and ate some fantastic ramen.

After this trip, I truly believe it was one of the best decisions I made. It was great to catch up with my LA friends and discover the other part of California I've been missing. I feel really blessed.

Hope you all are have a good weekend! 

Love Jenae.