Sunday, December 30, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #37

New Years nails. Lucky 13!

In my new American Eagle pieces from Parker.

Isn't this the coolest Starbucks card ever?! Honoring my Chinese heritage. 

Outfit for some after Christmas shopping!

Had a bad day so Parker bought this to cheer me up! Isn't it adorable?!

Getting ready to ring in the new year! 13 is my lucky number and I hope it is yours too in 2013! 

Love, Jenae.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012.

Christmas Eve outfit.
Christmas nails. :)
This ah-dorable tag given to me by my cousins! 
The Lee residence at Christmas. I'm going to miss the decorations.
Awesome Christmas present from my mum and Parker from PacSun and American Eagle.
The big present was an iPad mini from Parker with this perfect engraving and case. I cried, definitely.
More presents from my family. Lots of socks, Disney, and Bath and Body Works. 

This year I had a nice, relaxing Christmas. I've been quite busy because I had been given quite a lot of hours from Kohl's and I was upset that I was so busy that I had no time to see my friends home from college. Though, my life is about to turn around a bit with a new job I've been offered. :) I'll write more about that later.

Have a Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers! 

Love, Jenae.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #36

Had a good week getting together with friends and having holiday fun! New opportunities maybe be arising as well. :)

Have a Happy Christmas! 

Love, Jenae.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the most wonderful time...

Some Christmas inspiration from the Happiest Place on Earth!

One of the most beautiful things in the world if I do say so myself.

Enjoy your week!

Love, Jenae.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #35

Christmas nails with holiday Starbucks cup. 

Turban Tuesday at Ikea! 

A new faux fur jacket to my closet.

Dressed up for work! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Disneyland buys.

Had dreamed of this jacket for over a year and finally got it this trip. I love it so much!
The other half of my bracelette and I thought the other one was very appropriate for me. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disneyland at Christmas time: Day 2.

Space leggings themed for Tomorrowland and Space Mountain! 

Gumbo from Jazz Kitchen Express.

Really pretty mirror from Jazz Kitchen.

Parker and I got matching bracelettes! :)

Cars Land is great and Radiator Racers is an awesome addition to Cars Land. 

World of Color is fabulous as always. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recent purchases.

The holidays, coupons, and sales have seriously turned me into a shopping monster. More of a shopaholic than usual and I hope it goes down after the holidays because I am almost hating myself for how much I shop.

I had been admiring this wallet since I first saw it at the outlet store. I came back a week later and bought it because it was now 50% off. It felt really nice in my hands and was so beautiful. I questioned my life decisions for buying a $60 wallet but hey it was $100 off.

Some items I bought for myself at Kohl's with my Kohl's cash left over from Black Friday. These boots are beautiful, sturdy, and comfortable. Great for my long, rainy days of walking at Disneyland.

Purchases from Ulta. Excited to try these!

Picked these up from Tuesday Morning. I was in dire need of new tights and I love this scarf!

Another pair from Kohl's with Kohl's cash. Thank God for that and my discount.

These are just things I bought for myself and I'm 75% done with my Christmas shopping!

Hope you guys are having a better time than I am! Hahaha.

Love, Jenae.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #34

A few randoms from the past week. It's been hard transitioning from have the best week at Disneyland to going back to reality with a series of unfortunate events (I'm serious it was bad, not like normal bad either, terrible), but I pray that this new upcoming week will be better. New opportunities are coming, friends are coming home for the holidays, and this semester is about to end. Christmas is just around the corner too and I need to get my Christmas festivities in before work swallows me whole! 

I hope this week is better than the last for you as I do hope it is for me my lovely readers. 

Love, Jenae.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disneyland at Christmas time: Day 1.

After almost a year of bothering my boyfriend to come to Disneyland with me it finally happened! It was one of the major things I wanted to do in 2012 and probably the only thing I cared about. To some my Disneyland obsession is a little unhealthy but I always say that everyone is obsessed with something and mine just happens to be the Happiest Place on Earth. I think after this trip, Parker understands me better now and loves this world too. He even bought an Annual Pass on his first visit since he was seven years old! I couldn't be happier! One of our best friend Brandon got one too and even though it was just the three of us, it was non-stop fun!

We were lucky enough to do all the rides multiple times (including Radiator Springs Racers! Twice!), see all the night time shows, and it rained a bit meaning the park was not crowded most of the time.

Life's better when your loved ones have Annual Passes! Just got to get my other friends on it. ;)

My nails for this Disney trip. Inspired by Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Christmas and glitter! 

My first outfit for Disneyland. Decided to go "Disney grunge" and I think it turned out well! Parker and I have matching Mickey shirts. Jacket and boots by Princess Vera Wang.

A nice picture from Parker. Emptiness is a beautiful thing!

That's all from Day One! How is your holiday season going so far? 

Love, Jenae.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

new wave.

I was really debating whether I should do something with my hair for a long time and I wasn't sure what. I really had not done much with it since my sophomore year of high school when I chopped it into a cute bob, but it seems like since then I've just been growing it out and getting trims twice a year. So now that my hair was past half way down my back it was time to do something. I really admired the "ombre" style and after a while decided that I wanted it as well. My best friend Amanda recommended me her stylist and the rest was history.

I took inspiration for my hiar from some of my favorite people. Lily Aldridge, Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson, and Lea Michelle.

This is literally the cutest and most chic salon I have ever been it!

Before and After!

Amanda got her hair touched up. Beware: My hair will never look this nice again. 

I really like my new hair! My hair needed some brightening and new life so I'm very glad I did it! This was also probably the best hair salon experience I ever had!

Having a good week so far? Mine is unbearably busy! Love this holiday season though!

Love, Jenae.