Tuesday, April 28, 2009

star testing week.

Sorry, for the terrible quality.
On Sunday afternoon, while I was procrastinating, I noticed that I had these pretty purple tie-dye like flowers popping up in my front yard. They come up every spring and they are like pretty weeds that grow everywhere in my neighbor hood. I think that they are actually a type of wildflower but whatever. So I cut some and washed all the bugs and spiders out, and replaced them with those stupid red Gardeninas that I usually have in my room that die so quickly.
Occasionally, my Mum and I go to this book warehouse by us. It's basically all the leftover books that are from the bookfairs in elementary schools all over the country. And lucky us, the only one in the whole country, is by us. So I pick up a bunch of weird but awesome books from there, because my Mum works there sometimes and she gets paid in books. So I picked up this book on flowers because I just loved all the photos inside of it. That book has so much knowledge. I LOVE IT. There's a quote in there that says,
"Once you start putting flowers in a room, you won't want to live without them."
It's so true. I love putting flowers in my room know because it just makes it feel fresher and more alive.

I love this book.

So, tomorrow is Day Three of testing week. It's nice that I have the film teacher. He's kind of strict but laid back at the same time, if that makes any sense. Like he understands that reading the same directions is so annoying. So he just says whatever you know what's going on and he lets us start. He's also showed us the movie Taken. It was really good. I was wide-eyed and my mouth was open the whole time.
The guy would just fight off and kill people like a hot knife through butter,
and he's really smart. Truly amazing. So well put together but the ending could have been better.

Today was crazy. I had star testing, relax for a couple minutes at home, go to tutoring, go to an interview, then go to swimming. I had a flaming headache. I'm gonna be crazy busy tomorrow too. My Mum is going to let me skip swimming. This weekend will be just as crazy. Oh joy. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Even Lazier Sundays.

So, I just finished going through and organizing all my past photos that got messed up when I got the new computer while ago. I'm pretty proud of myself that that is done. So I just need to upload to flickr, which has become my new best friend. I'll probably work on that more next weekend though and during the week if I have time.

I love how flickr is so much easier to upload and organize stuff but I love the community on deviantart. But I also think flickr has more professional artists and photographers.

So it's lazy Sunday. I stayed up till 3:30 organizing photos then I read a bit of Deathnote. The family party was pretty good. Good food and the deserts were overwhelming lol. There were actually people my age this time but they didn't seem very open but the adults that were there were so it was cool to talk to them.

I woke up at 10:40 am, what a terrible time. I think I have my interview today. She's not responding back. I think I'll have to make it an over the phone one. I have to do laundry and all my hw. I think this weekend was alright.

Dude! You have to check out this painter I met on the beach in Maui. We were one the beach and he parked his stuff right next to me and he is amazing! His name is Jim Freeheart and he has such a talent and a good soul. He seems to really take life to the fullest and embrace it. I stood there and watched this whole painting from start to finish. He is brilliant. http://www.jimfreeheart.com/