Tuesday, October 27, 2009

let this be...

inspiration. these photos are from fashion photographers all over the world that have so much talent. these were some of my favourites.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Jake,

This is incredible and I'm glad to be a part of it.
I hope you are having a fabulous time in New York.

I hope to see you soon. :)

Love, Jenae.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love Drunk.

October 21, 2009.
"I believe it's ketchup and mustard, sir."
This is what I wore on Wednesday. September-Nov are the only times you can wear red and yellow together. So I'm taking advantage of it! :)

October 23, 2009.
VersaEmerge, A Rocket To The Moon, The Maine, Cobra Starship,
& Boys Like Girls show at the Warfield in San Fran.

(There was no editting on any of these photos which makes me really happy.)

Raphael and I on BART.

Nick Santino of A Rocket To the Moon.
The Maine.

Trippin' on Cobra Starship.

Martin Johnshon if Boys Like Girls.

I didn't get to take a picture of the end of their set but here it is. It was hella crazy.

Alex & I waiting for BART.

This is what I wore to the show.

Me, when I got home. I was so tired.
All in all, it was a pretty good show. I know have seen The Maine 3 times and A Rocket To the Moon twice. It was good to see VerssEmerge finally after missing them at Warped Tour twice. Cobra Starship was really nice and had a good set. Boys Like Girls was crazier than I thought they would be. I have alot of respect for them now. The show was pretty girly though. 95% was girls. Lots of scenies and little girls with their mom and it was probably their first show. So you can probably imagine how loud the shrieking was not just for the band, but for the techs. I know, wtf right? But we have some insane stories from the show. Just ask us. :D
October 24, 2009.
I've been home all day with swine flu. It is the worst. It's just been computer, crashing, and jello/gingerale all day. Everyone is sick in my family but my Dad. Please pray for us! I hate it so much and I feel so lonely! It's been one long day and I miss everyone! :(
Wash your hands alot and stay healthy!
Love, Jenae.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

wild things and diy's.

I am in love with the way that Spike Jonze brought it to life. The sets are amazing. The soundtrack goe so well with it. And the characters are loveable. Especially Max, he's adorable. I love that he interpereted Max. Max is basically the kind of strange child in your class in elementary school, who is creative, imaginative, and curious about the world that no one seems to understand. I loved it. Some scenes, I have to say, were quite strange for a children's book. In fact, some of the situations might be hard for them to understand. It really hits the heart. My Mum said that this movie will probably become a classic, like Wizard of Oz, because no one really liked it at first because they thought it was too scary for children. But then over time people loved it. This movie was great. You have to see it.

I've been doing alot of d.i.y.'s lately and I thought that I'd show you what I've been doing.

These shirts, I actually created last weekend. It's really simple and easy. I got some plain white t's from Michael's and created these painted on shirts.

This first one is inspired by my friend Tyler. He had gotten a tattoo of the summer on one of his shoulders that says Pure Heart on it with a blck heart. I still haven't got that chance to see it yet but I love his whole philosophy on it, so I created a shirt for it. The heart design was inspired by an incredible artist I met over spring break, Jim Freeheart. Since his last name is "Freeheart," he starts every painting he does with the heart, and then it gets painted over. His artwork is incredible and I hope to own someday.

You can check out his artwork here: http://www.jimfreeheart.com/

This shirt sort of reminds me of the Play Comme Des Garcons collection. I actually had a dream about a green sweater with the lovely heart logo on it. I also would like to own something from this collection someday.

I also had a dream about some very interesting clothing that I had never seen before in my dream. A future collection of mine someday? I hope.

Anyway, I also created shirt that says "KARL WHO?" Inspired by the famous Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Fendi. He has created canvas bags and shirts with this design. I might re-do mine with a thicker line.

Today, I created some necklaces. I love necklaces and you'll never see me without one.

This necklace was created for my friend fo her birthday, I hope she likes it.

I fell in love with this heart capsule the first time I saw it in August, and I finally bought it today. I love the colour. It's a great piece.

Today, I finished watching the Lifetime movie of Coco Chanel for french culture points. It was very well done and I learned alot about Chanel. I still have yet to see Coco Before Chanel.

Well, I still have alot of my last minute Sunday night homework to do including makin' some crepes.
So, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and I hope you all had a great weekend. Let's see what this new week brings us.
Love, Jenae.

Friday, October 16, 2009

friday night.

This one happens to suck.

1. I'm dressed up with no where to go.
2. Where The Wild Things Are is out today and I reallllly wanted to see it the first day. Guess not.
3. I'm super bored and everyone is busy.

Well, I'll stop complaining. Here is a photo of my outfit I wore today in honor of the movie coming out.

So I guess I'll catch on on my flickr and watch An American Tale or stay up and watch some lame Halloween specials.
This outfit was partially inspired by the new Teen Vogue fashion spread for November 2009 which I love. These pictures are so dreamy, I love the models and the photographer, and especially the clothes.

I would so wear this outfit.

Photographed by Horst Diekgerdes

Speaking of Halloween, have any of you thought of what you want to be? Halloween is coming soon so you better think fast. I've decided to dress up as Max from Where The Wilds Things Are.
Here is the Max costume designed by Christian Joy. I loved that way he interpreted them. And if I could, I would buy this.

They also have a really awesome line of clothing inspired by the movie at Urban Outfitters as well as home decor. I hope to get some evetually.

I also had a great phone interview with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low on Wednesday. After listening to him, you realize that he's such a real, chill, and really funny guy. As he's said many times before, he's a story to be told, and a great story. He might be the most real person I've talked to in a long time. Girls needs to stop obsessing over him for just his looks. Treat him like an actual person.
So look out for my article about the 45 minute long interview with the incredible Alex Gaskarth.
That's all for now, I hope you all enjoy your weekend.