Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disneyland at Christmas time: Day 1.

After almost a year of bothering my boyfriend to come to Disneyland with me it finally happened! It was one of the major things I wanted to do in 2012 and probably the only thing I cared about. To some my Disneyland obsession is a little unhealthy but I always say that everyone is obsessed with something and mine just happens to be the Happiest Place on Earth. I think after this trip, Parker understands me better now and loves this world too. He even bought an Annual Pass on his first visit since he was seven years old! I couldn't be happier! One of our best friend Brandon got one too and even though it was just the three of us, it was non-stop fun!

We were lucky enough to do all the rides multiple times (including Radiator Springs Racers! Twice!), see all the night time shows, and it rained a bit meaning the park was not crowded most of the time.

Life's better when your loved ones have Annual Passes! Just got to get my other friends on it. ;)

My nails for this Disney trip. Inspired by Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Christmas and glitter! 

My first outfit for Disneyland. Decided to go "Disney grunge" and I think it turned out well! Parker and I have matching Mickey shirts. Jacket and boots by Princess Vera Wang.

A nice picture from Parker. Emptiness is a beautiful thing!

That's all from Day One! How is your holiday season going so far? 

Love, Jenae.

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