Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday words. #33

- Dave Mustaine.

Hello everyone! I'm sorry, I've been busy this whole week. I"ll try to get something up tomorrow hopefully.

So, I finished my classes at AAU, what a great experience. Being surrounded by talented, inspirational, creative, and kind people was amazing. Especially when they completely supported and understood what I was talking about. It was great, I definitely came out of there with a new look on art, fashion, and the world. I will miss my city life, my second home. When I'm back in school next month I will probably be having city withdrawals.

So that's why I'm considering taking classes in the fall too. I'll have to see about that and I'll keep you updated on it.

I'll post up some pictures from the final exhibition soon.

Till then, I hope you all are having a lovely August! :) I am. And thank you to my few new readers!

Love, Jenae.


this free bird said...

hi jenae!! i, again, love the words in the photo you selected. so wonderful.

swing by tomorrow...the whole post is military jacket options. i think i might have covered 90% of what's online!


Mimi said...

wow, that quote is so so true! i think your blog is very cute, btw! :)

p.s. i am a new follower. i hope you can visit and maybe follow my blog too. thanks! :)

<3, Mimi