Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wednesday words. #32

- Unknown.

Hello everyone! :) I've been pretty busy lately with school ending and not being home. I can't believe it will be over soon, such a great experience. But it will be good to have my other life back. I love the city so much though. I'll probably have pictures stuff up this weekend of all my other work I did at AAU.

Well, I'm a little late but Happy August! I hope you all are having a great week so far.

Love, Jenae.


Harry said...

I saw your blog link from the fancy colored paper thing from Marta's class exhibition and I don't know if you remembered me, I was guest-talking on your class.

I remember you because you're the one who was laughing all the time—I'm still curious why...was it something on my nose???—anyway..

I love your blog! I like the pictures you take. :D

P.S. think of this as a huge compliment because I actually went through some other blogs from your class but I only commented on yours ;)

Lacy said...

I love that quote on the picture. Its very true. I wish we had more chances to do what we want after we pass up a chance.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure how I found your blog. I think it was the 'next blog' feature at the top of the page. But I love reading it!

I added you to my top 15 fav blogs here:

Have a good day :)

this free bird said...

oh Jenae I absolutely love the quote on the picture you used for this post. It's so perfect and SO TRUE!!!