Thursday, June 2, 2011

she wants to erase me.

Hello dears! I'm still waiting for my date's mother to send me the rest of the pictures from prom. 

This is an outfit I wore awhile ago. This is my favorite shirt and you've probably seen me wear it dozens of times, and there are so many holes in it since it's made from vintage fabric and it's such a shame! I think a lot of my inspiration for this outfit came from J. Crew. They still are my #1 inspiration for everyday outfits. 

Still hopelessly in love with coral lipstain, too bad I lost it! Need to go buy another one. I have the worst luck with losing them for some reason. Also, the weather has been horribly cold here for June. It's so strange.

Revlon lipstain: Constantly Coral, Urban Renewal shirt, Eco Lux vest, Bullhead jeans, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, and Franco Sarto heels.

Hope you all are having a good week! I've been so busy I can't believe school is ending in like 2 weeks! Graduating, my birthday on the 13th, parties, it's going to be insane. And since I no have +30 dresses in my closet I think I'm set for all the grad parties, hopefully it's warm by then!

Love, Jenae.

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Sammi said...

I like the holes. It gives the shirt character. You should make more holes!