Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone! I am now going to start to show you pictures from last weekend. Last weekend, I spent time with my two lovely friends Danielle and Angelic for Angelic's birthday. We stayed at this cute little hotel in Benicia, a small town by the water. It was so beautiful; the weather, scenery, everything. We had photo shoots till our hearts content, delicious food, played in the water, dressed up, told ghost stories, went shopping in vintage stores, visited historical sites. Best few days I had in a long time. More pictures to come!

Coldwater Creek cardigan, Kimchi Blue dress, and Deena & Ozzy oxfords.

What funny about this outfit is that my Mum had picked out the dress and the cardigan for me. She can pick out some cute stuff. :)

Pictures taken by my dear friend Angelic at The Chic That Happened. 

Love, Jenae.