Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear lovely followers,

Sorry I haven't blogged in about two weeks. Finals absolutely killed me then my computer is not working for awhile and I've had to resort to my mum's ipad. I might have something up again by Friday.

Fashion school is coming up again this Saturday for me. It will be great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. I also won't have to take bart by myself this time around as my friends Alex and Tyler will be joining me as they take their film school. I have enrolled in Fashion Design and I am excited about it.

New York Fashion Week is next week! :) Who else is excited? Can't wait until they get the livestream schedule up. Who are you most looking foward to?

I have also seen that the new Elle Collections has come out in the UK. Too bad it will take forever to comeover to the US. I'm drooling over it.

Until then.

Love, Jenae.

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Sammi said...

Can't wait to see all of the amazing design pictures you will post! I'm not taking any classes this semester =(