Thursday, January 20, 2011

the trench coat.

I've always wanted a trench coat. I've searched for years. I would always look for ones in stores but since the trench coat has to be a quality piece since it is the most versitile, timeless piece in the world. I would always turn a trench coat down if it was bad material, didn't look right, wasn't the right length, or had some trendy twist to it that annoyed me. And I couldn't spend me time drooling over the trench coats from Burberry that are way out of my price range, not until I'm rich that is.

The other day when I was with my boyfriend in San Francisco, I spotted a trench coat in the window of Gap. It was perfect, the neck is a bit different, but I still love it. So I went home and saw that it was $98 which is not bad for a trench coat at all. It also, thank God, comes in a petite size since I'm 5'2". My mum told me to save up and my brother laughed at my for wanting to spend that much money on a piece of "fabric." 

So then I pouted for the rest of the day, then my mum told me that she would buy it for me if I kept my grades up. So I accepted the challenge.

Then I saw that on of my favourite bloggers, Karla, from Karla's Closet bought it and it looks lovely.

Isn't she cute? :) I adore the shoes too.

So that is my goal for right now. I hope you all are having a great week.

Love, Jenae.

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