Sunday, January 2, 2011


What my sister made for me for Christmas.

This year I hope to:

1. Travel more.
2. Take some more steps into the fashion world.
3. Learn how to drive. (Yes, at 17 1/2 I know this is sad.)
4. Go to Disneyland.
5. Learn to cook more food.
6. Discover new places.
7. Work harder. (Probably not but whatever.)
8. Whether I decide to go to prom or not. I hope I have a good time with whatever I decide to do.
9. Leave high school with no regrets.
10. As cliche as it sounds, exercise more.
11. Read more books.
12. Get an amazing job/internship in the fashion industry.
13. Get some more fashion related posts into this blog.
14. Make this blog better in general.
15. Go to more fashion shows.
16. Go to more flea markets.

Let's see how much I accomplish this year.

1 comment:

Sammi said...

WOW... your sister is so talented!