Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fade to Brown

Worn on the streets in San Francisco, Karma of Charme
boots which are made in Italy.
By Jenae Lee

July 12, 2010

When you think of leather do you automatically think of black, grungy motorcycle jackets or rich, brown leather?

After a year of going through a phase wear girls dressed like Taylor Momsen with rocker-chic black leather jackets, this fall seems to be heading towards sleek brown leather jackets.

While I was cool hunting around the city I stumbled upon some fashion savvy people with brown leather items such as bags, boots, jackets, and belts all in different shades and styles. Most of the people I interviewed stated that they had purchased their item in Italy, home of the world’s highest quality leather.

One of the special finds that I found while cool hunting was these boots as shown on the left. They are from the Italian brand, Karma of Charme. They boast that their boots have an invisible heel that makes you two inches taller and that it has a more elegant fit than other flat boots. They are handmade with the finest leathers which definitely makes the famous “Made in Italy” label.

Karlie Kloss opening for Christian Dior in a brown
leather highwayman's cape for the fall 2010 collection.

Brown leather shoes such as oxfords and Sperry Topsiders have been creating a classic, preppy look. Leather boots, booties, and heels have been studded, ruffled, buckled, embroidered, zippered, laced-up, and fringed for this fall in all shades of brown.

In D&G’s recent spring 2010 collection, they featured urban cowboy inspired looks with the caramel coloured boots, belts, and mini dresses. These items are seeping into fall and have been on other runway shows this fall as well.

Christian Dior’s fall 2010 collection, for instance, featured brown leather quite heavily with its cape-like jackets, thigh-high boots and pants. Dior also displayed different shades of brown such as mocha and a deep reddish-brown colour.

The fall 2010 line for Chloe was inspired by seventies American sportswear with a pair of caramel leather trousers and a beige leather quilted jacket.

A completely brown leather look from
Haider Ackermann's fall collection.
Haider Ackermann had featured looks head-to-toe with brown leather and suede.

Other designers such as Illia have been taking the black motorcycle bomber jackets and switching them to a brown colour making them look far more sophisticated and polished. Brown leather jackets can be seen with different styles such as a cowl neck, blazer, trench, aviator with white fleece trim, and military.

Brown leather jackets have been worn in movies throughout the centuries in films such as Indiana Jones, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause making these characters appear adventurous with a touch of class.

The tan leather jacket, particularly, is very popular with the Brit Pop and Indie music image and culture and is famously worn by people such as Kelly Jones of the band,“The Stereophonics”.

Reporter Sarah Mower, in her article for Telegraph on titled “Pre-fall 2010 heralds the return of classic dressing, brown leather…” had noted that, “All of a sudden, black looks dull and wrong, and tan looks exciting and new.”

So whether it’s a jacket, bag, belt, or shoe, brown leather should definitely be a staple in your closet for this fall 2010 season.

A bag seen on the streets of San Francisco that is from Italy.

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