Monday, April 12, 2010

music monday. #8

Life Magazine - Cold Cave.

A bit strange, but you have to admit it sounds so good.

I hope you all had a lovely break! I did. :)  Spring Break did get crazy and I didn't get to chance to blog as much as I wanted to so I'll try my best to make it up this week. I'll make a list.

Tuesday: I'll finally release my big news. I've already told a few but this is definitely life changing for me.
Wednesday: I owe some wednesday words so there will be two this week. :)
Thursday: I went to Santa Cruz last week and took some awesome polariod at the Boardwalk. So I'll scan those in.

So that's it for this week.

In response to Jen: I will have an outfit post on my prom dress! :) I've been meaning to do that. It definitely has to be done. I still need the pictures of me and my date Justin Bieber too. ;D

So thank you to everyone that has been reading my blog! Have a great evening.

Love, Jenae.

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