Monday, March 15, 2010

pink tux to the prom.

Hi everyone. Itunes and Youtube isn't working on my computer. :( So there is still no music monday but instead I'll show you how I asked my date to prom.

It went pretty well. It did take like a week to get an official "yes" from his parents but it's all good now. Oh, my date is Andre Buettner if you were wondering. The Justin Bieber look alike. About the asking: I had orginally planned to have all the polariods hanging from the balloon but it weighed it down so I only had one tied to it and the rest taped to his desk. The balloon above had a written "will you?" on it. I had made the shirt myself, I had gotten the idea from the American Apparel shirts. Which I found funny since I was asking Justin Bieber and in the song "One Time" it has lyrics that say Me + You in the beginning of the song. Anyway, I'm really excited.

That's all for now.

Love, Jenae. 

p.s. please pray for me on my tests this week! :)

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