Sunday, November 4, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #29

Short Instagram Sunday this week! I'm going to have another busy week ahead of me. Tons of homework from school as I'm almost reaching the end of the semester, Kohl's is now open insane hours before black friday, on top of being a nanny as well, and finding social time in between  Only Starbucks coffee with extra shots is going to get me through this month and holiday season.

The top picture is from a date night with Parker in my new shirt dress, and the bottom is some purchases from shopping therapy. I love Pink so much and have always wanted a few things from there. I also got this swim suit from H&M for only $5! I love paisley and pink so it's perfect and hey why not? I've been receiving a lot of coupons lately so I've been doing quite a lot of online shopping. The only bad thing is the wait. Let's see how it goes!

Have a great week! Enjoying fall my darlings?

Love, Jenae. 

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