Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram Sunday. #12

This week has been exciting! 

1. First off, my friend gave me a new laptop that her family didn't use anymore, the only thing about it is that the screen needed to be replaced which my computer nerd boyfriend, Parker, could easily fix. I should have it by next week and this will be great for my blog as I will be able to be more mobile because you can't do much from an iPad at all as for posting wise. 
2. Second of all, I just got laid off from my job that I started 3 weeks ago. What are the odds right? So the picture above is my last outfit sporting a lab coat. It's just disappointing. Now I have tons of more free time on my hands.
3. Disney sent me welcome card in the mail since I'm now an Annual Pass holder. Too cute. 
4. On July 5th, it has been one year since Parker and I met! It's been a crazy, amazing year with him and that day has truly changed both of our lives. So we celebrated in Berkeley. He also gave me a picture of the promise ring he ordered for me (still coming in the mail). It's prefect and beautiful. Now I have to go find a promise ring for him. :
5. Yesterday, my family and I went out to Half Moon Bay for berry picking for our delicious jam.
6.  Visited my favourite light house! (I have lots more pictures from that day!)
7. Parker and I did a little photo shoot at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Have a good week!

Love, Jenae.

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