Sunday, June 24, 2012

Instagram Sunday #10.

Had an interesting week. This new job has caused me a lot of stress. Basically, I got upset because I was told I couldn't wear dresses and it's not something I would like to do but it pays well and it is a real job; even though it's filled with faxing, filing, and copying. I'll be in fashion someday, but for now this I guess for the summer. I'll be fashionable within their dress code with a touch of Disney and you can tell from my new pins. Aren't they adorable? Just wait till I decorate my clipboard and time card with My Little Pony, Disney, and Lisa Frank to be totally obnoxious.

I don't know if I've mentioned it yet but I sent in my application for Teen Vogue U. I hope I get in because I think it's something I really need to inspire me and get me back on my feet in the fashion world. My jobs and school has set me back a bit. Pray for me please.

My summer so far is my jobs, beach trips, shopping therapy, watching movies and Netflix, catching up with friends, and planning future Disneyland trips. Thank God for my Annual Pass.

Have a good week! :)

Love, Jenae.

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