Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instagram Sunday #4.

Hey everyone! As you might of noticed I kind of feel off the face of the Earth the past week or so. I was busy panicking about final projects and tests and it's not even done yet! My phone had also been dead the last week and I've been exchanging phone constantly because they all seem to have glitches or not work. I'm hoping to get the iPhone eventually so I won't have these problems anymore.

So anyway here is some pictures from my last two weeks when my phone was working. Between running around getting stuff for my projects, buying jewelry with my friend Molly, and my boyfriend's graduation. 

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Have a lovely week! :) Happy Mother's day! It's almost one month till my birthday! That's crazy.

Love, Jenae.

1 comment:

Parker said...

Dat peacock dress. ;)
You looked so beautiful that night. =)