Friday, April 20, 2012

All the flowers would have very extra special powers. They would sit and talk to me for hours.

Eco lux vest, Johnnie B ruffled shirt, PacSun sunglasses, Old Navy jeans, Target bag, hemp Converse, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Studio watch, and Free Press earrings.  

In the spirit of Spring, I've tried to dress for more colourfully. I have been obsessed with coloured skinny jeans and picked up this pair at Old Navy. I haven't shopped there in years and this pair surprising fit really well. It's also funny because these jeans are supposed to be "cropped" but since I'm 5'2", they fit me perfectly which is an odd but nice change.

I also love these earrings. I've been experimenting with this new trend that is "the statement earring," I guess as opposed to the "statement necklace."

These pictures were taken by Parker in his neighborhood. I was amazed by all the flowers. Truly lovely. The title is inspired by Alice in Wonderland of course.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Love, Jenae. 

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Anonymous said...

these are such pretty pics! love the red pants!