Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello my darlings! I'm not dead yet. I had decided to take a 2 week break from my blog. I've been collecting and taking pictures, and really re-thinking my blog. I also had to re-think what I'm actually doing with my time now since I've graduated high school. Since graduating high school I've feel like I've lost my touch a bit within the fashion world. With school and being a nanny, I don't really get to dress the way that I like to and I don't get to wear blog-worthy outfits everyday, so outfit posts have become less and less. I feel that I'm not up-to-date as I'd like to since I've been busy and haven't touched most of my magazines since October. I also feel really depressed at times because I'm not doing what I'm really passionate about which is fashion as well as art. When I had my fashion column and fashion school, I felt really important because I was looked up to because I got to participate in something I did well in and those honestly, are the only things I had. Then I feel that without them, I'm just sinking lower and lower because I'm not learning, being inspired, or inspiring other people. And I feel stuck, which is something I'll have to live through until I have enough money for art school, which right now is not a lot. 

But I have to get up and not dwell on it and try to go forward with what I want to do in my life and do the best that I can. So with that, here are my goals for this upcoming new year. 

1. Get a new banner for my blog.
2. Invest in a new camera.
3. Officially visit Academy of Art University.
4. Visit Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.
5. Attend Teen Vogue Fashion University in October.
6. Apply for internship at Anthropologie.
7. Organize my blog.
8. Have a photoshoot with my fashion school friends. 
9. Apply to Victoria's Secret. (if Anthro doesn't work out)
10. Go on many trips as possible including Disneyland.

Well, that's all I have to say for now. I'll probably be back Sunday to get my blog started back up. :)

Have a great weekend! 

Love, Jenae.

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f.diva said...

omg I totally feel the same way.... so uninspired. I miss our pre-college classes at the Academy :( I have an unread stack of magazines from who knows when. I'm so with you on 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 10! Let's make 8 happen soon! Text, email or facebook me and we'll put something together :) Talk to you soon!