Saturday, July 16, 2011

I open at the close.

I was a bit late for hopping on to the Hogwarts Express, I guess. I missed out on it in my childhood but I guess late is better than never. I started watching the movies this year with my friend Kaylee. Having other friends that loved Harry Potter I searched around and borrowed all seven movies, and I really fell in love with them. Just in time for the finale, right? So I went to the premiere of the new movie. It was really great see all the fans dressed up and all of them cheering during the movie. Their is definitely a spirit and togetherness about  the Harry Potter saga and fandom that you can't find anywhere else, that's something I really admire.

So I dressed up a bit for the premiere. I made my own Deathly Hallows shirt and the rest it quite obvious I think. 

I saw the 3D showing where they had the glasses like Harry's only for the premiere. Brilliant. I also painted my nail accordingly.

The movie was truly great. I would love to watch it again, but I would really love to try and read the books. I am a very slow reader but J.K. Rowling is no doubt amazing.

Have a good weekend!

Love, Jenae.

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Sammi said...

You really went all out... and looked fabulous.

I just started reading the books this summer - way better than the movies.