Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In my life.

The title is inspired by our class song by The Beatles which sadly no one knew and no one sang. As any graduation, this one was long, hot, boring, and not that special so there's nothing much to say here. But when I  imagined myself graduating, I saw a white eyelette dress; symbolizing newness, freshness, summer, a next step in life. So I had bought a Max Studio dress and paired it with strappy brown cork wedges from Chinese Laundry (too bad I didn't get any outfit shots). I picked my mum's dress which is Calvin Klein and my sister's which is from BB Dakota. Here are also some pictures of my dear friends.

I was surprised that my Mum had gotten me a lei, if you noticed, I'm also wearing a medal I received at Senior Awards Night which was High Honors in Art and Ceramics. I was very happy when I got this award because I was so uncomfortable when I was sitting with the valedictorians and star athletes, knowing I didn't belong there. It made me feel important, and I was glad to know that my hard work was appreciated. Honestly, that was probably the best thing high school ever gave me. I'm really ever so glad to be done with high school so I could move on to be with people I actually want to be around and to things I actually want to do. Congratulations 2011.

Love, Jenae.

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