Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! I just wanted to share with you what I did for my mum this year. 

My birthday and graduation is next month and I had told my parents I only wanted two things; a tea set and a trip. Luckily, the weekend before, one of my neighbors was having a garage sale. My mum and I stopped by and we saw that they had tea sets. We it wasn't really a set, more of a collection. Each piece was different with different patterns and colours. I loved each one and we bought it all for a mere $40. So that's when I got the idea to make my mum a tea party for Mother's Day.

 First I made an invitation to a tea party that was specially made for her.  I set everything out on the table. I made almost all the food. On the three tier tray: I made my own creation of crackers, ham cheese, with a cream cheese and asparagus mix. On the second tier: toast with Nutella, a strawberry, and a mint leaf. On the third: cucumber sandwiches. I made a strawberry spinach salad. For desert I made chocolate pudding in teacups and a fruit-jello. We sipped the family's favorite tea which happens to be Ginger Peach tea from The Republic of Tea. I made a fancy hot chocolate for my picky siblings. 

I also made my family dress up for this occasion. Like my 8th grade promotion dress? Note: This will be the only time you will see pictures of me and my family. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! I pretty much had a nice relaxing weekend to myself. I should be getting my dress today which I am extremely excited about.

Love, Jenae.

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A said...

so cute! what a wonderful idea