Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like how the coast line tends to smile.

Hello darlings! Continuing on my Benicia weekend. At the end of the town there is a lovely little beach. We had a photo shoot by the sunset in the water. The three of us had different looks so I went for a washed out beach look. The water felt nice so I was about to go in the water with my white pants on without a care in the world but then the camera died. So I didn't. I think it would have been awful trying to get back in the hotel anyway. 

It was a really lovely evening; we had the sunset and the water... and also the whistles and hollers from the locals as we did our mini shoot. The title for this post is inspired by the song Getaway from Holiday Parade.
My oufit: Roxy crop top borrowed from Angelic, vintage belt, and American Eagle jeans.

That's all for now.

Love, Jenae.


A said...

you look gorgeous, but did you really have to use that picture of my hair all in my face lol! it was so much fun!

f.diva said...

LOL I look like I'm stomping a bug!