Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cause waiting on love ain't so easy to do.

Vintage coat, shirt, and belt. Bullhead jeans, Simply Vera by Vera Wangbag, and my mum's loafers.

I wore this a couple weeks ago when it was colder and it seems that the cold weather has come back to the Bay Area for awhile. I have been experimenting with colour schemes. The title for this post is inspired by an old Jack Johnson song called, "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing."

Life has been pretty busy. I just ended fashion school yesterday that went pretty well. I should have pictures from that this week. Yesterday, I also took a trip to Jeremy's in hopes of finding a prom dress. I didn't find anything but I did pick up a few items and it is probably one of my new favourite stores. I really like how it's a mix of discounted high end and regular nicer clothing for a cheaper price.

But my mum and I have pretty much searched across the Bay Area and have not found a dress to my liking in any of the stores. not even any I could try on or anything I could live with. I wanted to take a trip to one of the vintage stores but we didn't have time. So I resorted to ordering this dress online. It's nice and I think I'll have to really dress it up. It has the general idea of what I wanted and I really liked that I could make custom measurements to my petite frame and order it in in any colour I wanted. So now all I have to do is wait.

Now I have some pretty heavy work to get back to. I hope you guys had a great weekend. Still praying for Spring Break.

Love, Jenae. 

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