Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lookbook x DNA @ The Common.

On the 11th, I went to this fabulous party in San Francisco at The Common. It had vintage shopping, vendors, and local designers. It was really cool seeing all the cool things and finally meeting people in person. Noelle, Emilia, and Jaime came along with me. Emilia took all the pictures for this post.

It was really awesome meeting  Alyssa Nicole who I had interviewed back in January (here). She is such a sweetheart and it was also cool seeing her designs in person. Her dresses are really well made. She also has a new jewelry line as pictured below. And you can't see it here in any of her pictures but she has really cute freckles!

The dress I have a huge crush on Fancy French Cologne.

I need to go to more parties like these. It was so much fun!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your vacation. More exciting stuff to come!

Love, Jenae.

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Sammi said...

That seems like soooo much fun!