Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oxford party, Garden party.

This is for my Fashion Styling "Clothes Off Your Back" project where you take what your wearing and find a way to wear it differently.
Left: Lucca Couture jacket, Xhilartion ruffled top, Hazel skirt, mum’s socks, vintage belt, vintage oxfords, and vintage bag. Right: Forever 21 bag and Ellen Tracy heels.

My original outfit was inspired by the British school girl kind of style. It was very girly with florals and ruffles; and proper with the socks, vintage oxfords, and Chanel cut jacket. I had my hair in a herringbone braid. The look also had a lot of accessories such as a gold watch, lots of rings, vintage belt, a two-tone and a compass necklace.

For the second outfit, I was inspired by ballerinas since the theme was so girly. I had got rid of the ruffled top and made the jacket into a top by wrapping the sleeves around my neck and clipping it in the back to make a halter style neck with a sweetheart shape. I wanted it to be simple and so I took away the belt, necklace and watch, and kept the rings. I also changed the shoes to nude peep toe heels and put my hair up into a bun on the top of my head. I switched out the bag to another smaller quilted bag which is inspired by the Chanel 1955 bag. I took the ruffled shirt and made it into a bow and tied it onto the chain of the bag.

The story is here a girl who had to attend a party at Oxford University and was invited to go to a fancy garden tea party afterwards.

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Ahh this is so good! I wish wish wish I could've taken that class, but I was afraid it would conflict too much with my regular schoolwork.