Friday, June 25, 2010

the whole world looks like an open page.

Hello everyone! I have just come back from an exhausting day of visiting Academy of Art, figuring out my routes, getting my supplies, and shopping. Plenty of good sales of course! BOGO at Goodwill.

All my art supplies for my Fashion Illustration class. Look at that huge clipboard + pad I get to carry around! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!
But don't worry, it came with a bag. Which I am obviously going to take a silver sharpie to. Ugh, just look at that ugly thing sitting over there. (You know how I'm not keen on things that are plain.) I think I'm going to get a cute rabbit luggage tag for it like I saw at UO.
Clothing I got today. Left to right: Lucca Coutore cropped floral jacket from UO, Stringbean tan blazer from Goodwill, TNA light pink raglan from Aritzia, Talula floral leggings from Aritiza, and polka dot skirt from Goodwill.
Shoes from Goodwill.
Bags from Goodwill.

I noticed I got alot of tan, black, pink, and floral. Hahaha, it's just what I liked and I don't have any of these kinds of things in my closet. Great additions I must say!

Well, after visiting today, I'm really excited about all this now. Getting to meet new people, a fresh new start, learning new things, developing myself as a fashion lover, growing as a human being... You know I just realized that I never really had that experience of being the new kid at school. So this makes me even more excited. And this is all happening in the city! I'm so stoked on this new turn of things.

That's all for now.Thank you for all the support and I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer so far.

Love, Jenae.

Oh, here's my ID by the way. :D

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Anonymous said...

oh yay! how exciting! let me know who your instructors are because maybe i've had them before :)