Sunday, March 7, 2010

update: shoes.

Hi everyone. Due to stresses of life and cleaning rampages, I won't be able to post very much this week. But that won't stop me from music monday and wednesday words. I was going to do any outfit post but I'm too lazy. I wonder how all the other fashion bloggers do it. But I will show you what I got after shopping yesterday.

I needed shoes for prom that will go with my dress so I went to Nordstrom Rack. They had alot of great shoes this time that I drooled over. I ended up getting two pairs of Franco Sarto heels. I bought my first pair of Franco Sarto heels last year and I completely love him. His shoes always fit and look great on me, and he designs amazing shoes.

When I was talking to a girl at the boutique in Niles she had given me some words of wisdom about buying shoes for prom. She had said that you shouldn't blow your money on shoes that you'll only wear on that one night; instead buy shoes that'll you know you'll wear again and again.

The black ones are for prom. I've always wanted a pair of slingbacks. They're comfortable and perfect for my dress. The red ones are suede wedges. I had saw a pair of these that looked similar from Urban Outfitters that were $198. I loved them so much that I blew this month's allowance on them. Both of these shoes were $40 and were originally $90 for the red ones and $70 on the black ones.

I also got a pait of dyed denim leggings. My Mum showed them to me and thought they were really cool. She's a big fan of comfort. So she bough them for me. They were only $20. I love them alot and they are really flattering.

Well, I'm going to eat my late lunch and watch the rest of the movie I rented which is called Gigantic. It features Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano. It's interesting so far.

So, have a lovely Sunday.

Love, Jenae. 

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